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Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD05-SE7

Description:  1/2” (DN 15) EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD07-SE7

Description:  3/4” (DN 20) EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD10-SE7

Description:  1” (DN 25) EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD15-SE7

Description:  1.5” (DN 40) EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD20-SE7

Description:  2.0” (DN 50) EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD25-SE7

Description:  2.5” (DN 65) EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD30-SE7

Description:  3.0” (DN 80) EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD03-BKTFM

Description:  1/2” (DN 8) PTFE laminated EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD40-SE7

Description:  4.0” (DN 100) EPDM Diaphragm

Diaphragm Direct Part No: DD03-BKE7

Description:  1/2” (DN 8) EPDM Diaphragm

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Diaphragm Direct® replacement diaphragms are available in the following materials for weir-style diaphragm valves for Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG Ltd., diaphragm valves.

  • Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM)
  • Fluoroelastomer (FPM/FKM)
  • Nitrile Buna-A
  • Isobutylene isoprene butyl
  • PTFE backed Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM)
  • PTFE-PPVE backed Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM)
  • PTFE-PPVE backed fluoroelastomer (FPM/FKM)
  • PTFE-PPVE backed Isobutylene isoprene (Butyl)

All Diaphragm Direct® replacement diaphragms are:

  • Supplied with the shortest possible lead time. All in stock items are shipped within 24 hours.
  • Engineered to perform equally or better than the OEM parts.
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed the industry highest quality standards.
  • Warranted the same as the OEM repair parts warranty.
  • Competitively priced – Diaphragm Direct® provides great savings and value.

Don’t see the replacement diaphragm part you need for Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG Ltd., please let us know. Diaphragm Direct® is continually expanding its diaphragm product line and will strive to meet your Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG Ltd. replacement diaphragm needs.

Diaphragm Direct® experienced staff will be happy to assist you with any technical or validation questions.